I am looking for a specific designer's office or showroom. How do I locate the information?

Contact the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) via email at info@cfda.com or via the phone at (212) 768-5705. Many American designers are members of this organization. You can also search the Fashion Center Business Improvement District (Fashion Center BID) Directory database at http://www.fashioncenter.com/fashion-industry/fashion-directory, or call them at (212) 398-7943 to get information on any showrooms located in the New York City garment district.



What are the dates of next season's New York R-T-W Fashion shows?

To find the dates of most fashion industry events, visit the Fashion Calendar's website at http://www.fashioncalendar.net/content/important-fashion-week-dates. The company can also be reached at (212) 289-0420.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which presents the New York shows, can be searched at http://www.mbfashionweek.com/schedule.



How do I volunteer at the New York R-T-W Fashion shows?

Visit the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site at www.mbfashionweek.com. Or, call the CFDA at (212) 768-5705. If you are a college student, you may find information on volunteering in your school's advising or career offices.



I want to pursue an education in fashion. Where do I start?

There are many schools throughout the United States that either specialize in fashion or have fashion programs. New York area schools include the Fashion Institute of Technology (www.fitnyc.suny.edu) , The Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (www.limcollege.edu),  Parsons School of Design (www.parsons.edu) and Pratt Institute (www.pratt.edu).



How do I subscribe to Women's Wear Daily?

You can subscribe to Women's Wear Daily via the internet at http://www.wwd.com/subscriptions/3. For additional information, the general number for Women's Wear Daily (WWD) questions is (212) 630-4000.


I am trying to find a job in fashion. Where do I start?

  • A subscription to WWD will provide you with daily help wanted ads, however, you can also access and search their jobs-database online at http://www.wwd.com/wwdcareers.
  • Besides websites, such as the one described above, there are also numerous career reference books available in your local library or bookstore. These will certainly provide you with helpful information and resources on the fashion industry.
  • Also, do not forget that internships and volunteer jobs are a valuable resource. They can not only teach you about the career that you have chosen to pursue, but you will also be able to establish invaluable connections with those who are already established in the industry. Many job-sites, such as Women's Wear Daily (see above link) also list internship opportunities that you can apply for.
  • And as we all know, contacts are key! In other words, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!